Best Potato Dish EVER - Turkish Stuffed Potato KUMPIR Country Life Vlog

02 Oct 2021

Dear friends, today we would like to share with you the Best Potato Dish EVER - Turkish Stuffed Potato KUMPIR, Country Life Vlog-video, we really hope you enjoy this video and share with your friends...

Kumpir are Turkish style baked potatoes - once they come out of the oven they are cut open and the soft potato inside is mixed together with butter and cheese until it's smooth and creamy. Then add your favourite toppings...think loaded baked potatoes taken to the next level.

As a Country Life Vlog, we love to share what we do at countryside, engage with nature and make the most out of village life. Come and see the colorful videos of nature, unique cooking recipes and just the beautiful life at a countryside. Sit back and relax by watching our content!

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