Next exit Stuckey's - Life in America

26 Jan 2022

-- A look back at Stuckey's through the years In Eastman Georgia W S Stuckey began selling pecans in the 1930s He succeeded at turning a profit and began thinking about ways to take advantage of the winter travelers heading to Florida In 1936 Stuckey and his wife Ethel opened a roadside stand selling the pecans Ethel also would make batches of pecan candy to sell The stand was a success and by 1937 they moved the operation to a retail store in Eastman Georgia Ethel specialized in making pecan divinity flavored pecans and the famous Stuckey s Pecan Log Roll The Pecan Roll became the soul of the store and the number one reason why families would stop by their store By 1941 Stuckey s grew to have 3 locations 2 in Georgia and 1 in Florida but they were forced to close them during World War 2 By the end of the war families were traveling again and they aggressively set up new locations to accommodate them

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